2016 AD


If ever there was a designer who has inspired me continually since I can remember, it really has to be Ann Demeulemeester. I might not go through that kind of stylistic phase that often nowadays, but the label's work is always there in the background of my brain, giving me stylistic ideas to file away for future use, even though Ann herself is no longer at the helm.

2010 AD

Here is a rather baby-faced and skinny Queen Michelle in 2010, having just created a zipper headpiece in the style of an Ann D collection at the time. 

I still have it somewhere and I can feel an Ann D style outfit coming upon me again, especially after seeing Sébastien Meunier’s FW 2016 collection for the label, which harks back to the style I know and love Ann D for back.


With the latest collection, the overall feel is quite masculine but with sweeping skirts, long loose trousers and plenty of textural layers and the occasional flash of metallic. 


The collection appeals to my darker, more brooding sensibilities and as I look inside my closet I realise just how many pieces I have that are inspired by the label.

Expect to see that in upcoming outfits...