just another saturday….

For many of us, Queen Michelle, Prince B, Sandra, Lady Lisa and myself included, house and techno have been the soundtrack to most of our adult life.

On Saturday night Subculture turned 22. I was there on the very first night and of course I was there last night with their present. This year I took it tiny. Really tiny with a lego look at life behind the decks.

To see just how small, just look at the size of it in comparison to my phone...

Before that, on the Friday night Sandra and I went even further back in time.

We went to Hacienda Classical at the Hydro

It was slightly shambolic and surreal. Exactly what you might imagine a night where a classical orchestra played a selection of house classics.

A tuba player trumping out jack your body, Bez dancing to Voodoo Ray, Graeme Park scratching his little heart and Peter Hook playing bass and singing Blue Monday . Sandra made me laugh when she said "I'm not sure how I feel about that" but I was fine with Hooky belting it out.

Needless to say hearing real strings played along to Strings of life brought a tear to our eye. That song along with so many others can cut a little too close to home. They can inspire euphoria or deep melancholy. Both of which can result in crying!

Pacific State sounded immense and needless today we were word perfect as we sang along with Joe Smooth and Robert Owens...

In an audience now “ more familiar with pies than pills” this music is close to many peoples hearts, even if they no longer go out to a club on a Saturday night

Speaking to our David last weekend, I mentioned how much I admired the fact that he has enjoyed fishing all of his life and said "I wish I had a hobby that I had stuck with". He just laughed and said “ going to the sub is your hobby”

The boy has a point...

So happy birthday dear subculture here’s to the next one!

Queen Marie x