take me to the circus...

This summer Missoni is taking us all to the circus.


Under the big tent roof we can all be inspired by the fabulous array of characters, costumes and with a kaleidoscopic palette of colours. Beguiling us with the glitz and glamour of the big top, the collection is the swirl of tamers, trapeze artists, animal pedestals.

Just so long as it's a mythical circus of course and doesn't involve any real animals. It goes without saying that the minute I see an image of a girl on a trapeze, I think it's time for me to dig out my copy of Wings of Desire again. You can never watch Wim Wenders often enough.

This blue skirt below makes me think of elephants ears for some reason and the prints are giving me serious hysteric glamour flashbacks...

I love the way they describe the collars- 

pointy good girl collars – whether all white or in stark contrast

The stand out piece for me is this gloriously striped lurex jumpsuit, which looks like it would be worn by a stilt walker. If it can really lengthen legs this dramatically, I'm guessing this will fly out of the door or should that the tent...

Queen Marie