Current Faves April

It's been a long time since I've done a Current Faves post. In fact I can't actually tell you the last time I did one. Truth to tell I haven't really been buying very much and even less that's interesting! But here are few things I'm really loving at the moment. Not all of them are new, but they are all making me happy just now.


Jeffrey Campbell Hawthorne Boots

With Prince B due to be out of a job soon, our already tight belt is about to get way tighter, so when I did my tax return I decided to blow some of my 'rainy day' fund on these boots. This will be my last shoe purchase until either Prince B lands a new job or I land a huge client.

I regret nothing because these boots are the shit. Comfy as hell and seriously badass. Expect to see them styled up next week in an outfit.


Givenchy Organza

I never thought I could love a 'drugstore' perfume as much as I love this. I had been fruitlessly searching the world for a new smell, ordering samples from far flung places, only to feel 'meh' about every one that arrived through the mail. Then one day I was killing time before a meeting and decided to smell perfume in Debenhams. I tried this one and it was instant love. It's got all my favourite notes in it: jasmine, tuberose and gardenia and actually stays on quite well.

No7 Stay Perfect Mascara

The last truly brilliant mascara I had was from a Japanese brand many many years ago which was very oddly, and briefly, stocked in Boots. It was the first brand who used 'tubes' to coat your lashes. These little suckers didn't smudge, were entirely waterproof and lengthened my lashes like no other. Various other brands over the years have tried this 'tube' approach, with varying degrees of success, but I have to say, No7 have nailed it. This is great mascara. It really does stay put all day long with nary a hint of smudging or flaking.


Deandri Harness

Anyone who's read this blog for a long time will know the harness is something I have worn for a great many years. It used to be standard in nearly every outfit. Good harnesses are hard to find though, even now that they're highly ubiquitous. This Deandri faux leather one was pretty cheap but actually it's my favourite out of all my harnesses. It goes with just about everything.


Nars blusher

I never wear blusher. I have high, prominent cheek bones and blusher seems to make me look like a skeleton no matter where I put it. When I put the blusher on the 'apples' of my cheeks, as soon as I stop making them apples the blusher in now under my cheekbones and it's back to looking like a skeleton. Then I went to see Scottish Ballet's Swan Lake and they had given us goody bags and inside was the blusher used to create Odette's delicate, natural look, and it prompted me to give it a go. This soft peach does not give me a shaded effect, which usually results in skeletor, but rather it brightens up my pale face. So yes, I am now a convert to blusher.


Those are my current faves, hope you enjoyed them!