New Ballet Brights


First leotard is the 'Katie', second leotard is the 'Nicole'

 Since I work from home now, I actually don't leave the house all that often, except to go to meetings, the supermarket and ballet class. That's pretty much it. Not a lot of room there for fashion expression. This might explain my penchant for bold and colourful balletwear. These are two new leotards I received from LaBella Boutique. Are these just not the most beautiful prints ever? I have also guest designed a leotard for the brand, which I am beyond excited about! I have seen the first version but we have a few more tweaks to make before we release it. It's a cutie!

La Bella is a youthful brand so undoubtedly their prints are popular, but one of the hardest things about Danseuse has been getting adult dancers to try bold colours or prints, or basically any colour that isn't the black or ballet pink, preferring the safety of typical ballet student attire. 

I'm trying hard to show adult dancers that actually prints can work to hide lumps and bumps much better than black. And as adult dancers we have been gifted the freedom to truly express ourselves in class, not just by our dancing but also what we wear. We are rarely restricted by the confines of a class or grade uniform.

Candy Cane

The new Danseuse collection, which is due out in the coming months, is filled with bold candy and nautical stripes and colour blocking, but unless we can capture the young or professional dancers, I fear I might be the only person brave enough to wear it!  But Danseuse was born with the intention of being different to all other ballet brands out there and we are. We've even seen a large, well known brand try to copy our Petal shorts design. They weren't as nice as ours of course, since theirs are cheaply made in a factory in China, and not by hand in the Netherlands by an actual designer, but they tried.

I can't wait to share all the new Danseuse pieces with you guys and get dancing in these stunning LaBella Boutique leotards.