wonky wonders...

I'm a big fan of wonky.

Unlike Queen Michelle who strives for perfection, I'm happy to celebrate the uneven and unfinished and even the messy. This is doubtless because I couldn't achieve a pristine finish if I tried. So when I came across the ceramic work of artist Suzanne Sullivan my heart smiled...

Suzanne Sullivan is a ceramic and textile artist based in South Brooklyn, New York. She grew up in the Pacific Northwest, where she learned ceramics as a child. She grew up fascinated by Northwest Coast Native American art. "I like the idea of the artist as a kind of design factory, prepared to tackle all kinds of issues, whether they be extraordinary or mundane," she says. She had been focusing on textiles until about three years ago, where her daughter, a longtime ceramicist, suggested the two of them take a ceramics class together.

"I like the things in our every day world that are not mass-produced, things that have fingerprints on them. At home, I collect twigs and sticks and nests, special rocks, pieces of small nothings from the natural world, and a lot of times, my ceramics become vessels for these things."

I know that drinking my tea out of one of these cups would make every day better but maybe my brain has gone wonky too because I can't seem to find where to buy one.


Queen Marie