flip a coin...

Going out on a school night?

Oh I don't think so.

Even a Friday night is pushing it for me this weather. I used to love a Friday night out. It was the start of the weekend. I couldn't wait to get out there. But now when a Friday rolls around, I am so shattered, all I can think about is catching up on some films and getting my pi's on.

Stay in or go out? It's a dilemma.

When swithering, like I was last night,  I've even been known to ask my iPad to " flip a coin"

Heads for bed, Tails for out.

I say that because it sounds like one of Douglas Couplands " Slogans for the 21st Century"

I love Douglas Coupland.  He is one of Canada’s most celebrated contemporary artists, writers and thinkers. Through diverse media ranging from Lego to found materials, painting to installation, he explores issues which affect us all: the 21st-century condition, Canadian identity, the power of language and the pervasive presence of technology in modern life.

I always meant to share these images with you, painted between 2011 and 2014, they were exhibited at the Daniel Faria Gallery in Toronto.Credit 

Reading through them all, you realise that this is not just an age thing. Young people are staying in too. Binge watching , tapping away on tinder pausing only to order pizza. Hell, in the West End of Glasgow you can even have fresh sushi delivered by a bearded hipstercycling up to your door at 11.30 pm.

All images Courtesy of Douglas Coupland and Daniel Faria Gallery, Toronto

And in case you are wondering, the iPad said 'tails'

I had to go with best of 3 to get the result I really wanted which was "heads for bed"


Queen Marie