little things mean a lot...

When I say I have run out of wall space I literally mean that.

At the minute, I have another three prints sitting waiting to be hung and to tell the truth, I'm not sure where they are going to go! 

Flat surfaces are at a bit of a premium too. Between rabbit, cats and mushroom lamps there is not much space left for displaying anything but I'm thinking that these perfect little photo and card holders could help me displaying smaller prints. 

Available from Studio Lilesadi, the small label of textile and surface designing sisters Dinah Smutny and Sarah Smutny, who delight in creating original textiles, wallpapers, posters and other interior products.  LileSadi aims to bring minimalism and whimsy into the homes of people. They love to unite patterns and illustrations, using abstract forms with a playful twist. Originally from Germany they are now residing in The Netherlands, 


Their shop is full of treasure but I had to avert my eyes when I came across their prints.

This little MEOW one is calling to me but that just takes me back to where we started .... I've got no wallspace left.


Queen Marie