sisters are doing it for themselves...


It seems only fitting that on International Woman's Day, I share a collection that is an "ode to originality and empowered women"

Last week the glorious Marimekko presented its Autumn / Winter 2016-17 collection and as always part of the future is so bright I got to wear shades. This brand never fails to make me smile. As well as life affirming colour, for this collection, creative director Anna Teurnell uses playful prints, padded details and my favourite - asymmetric cuts, to create movement and fun.

“This collection is an ode to originality and empowered women. Marimekko is about appreciating imperfection and personality – being true to oneself. The design team was fascinated by the surrealists’ investigation of the space between fantasy and reality, and how this dialogue can be combined with Marimekko’s inclusive and functionalistic design approach.

"Appreciating imperfection and personality" - those are truly words to live by. A valuable lesson in today's increasingly copycat, cookie cutter approach to perfection. We all need to be a little more wabi-sabi in our approach to life, fashion and ourselves!

For Fall16/17 they are also introducing a 'bijoux' collection by Ilenia Corti. The collection includes necklaces, rings , bracelets and even a brooch. The large scarves and shawls have all got my name on them, as has the flower camo cocoon parka below. I need that!!!!

Queen Marie