Not Yours To Judge


As I mentioned in my outfit post this week, there are some looks and combinations I will always love, no matter how many style phases I explore. Equally, there are some images that no matter how much time passes, I will continually look to them for inspiration, and the images above are two such examples. It's no coincidence that the common element is a bustier worn over another garment. I was never able to find the perfect bustier sadly, so could never quite replicate this look, but I do still keep my eye out for one.

It's also no coincidence that when I came across this image from designer Minna Palmqvist from her 'Intimately Social' collection, it was enough to make want to explore more about the designer and her work.


She launched her fashion label in 2009 as a continuation of her Masters project at Konstfack College of Arts in Stockholm and  'Intimately Social' is part of it. Rather than a collection, she actually entitles it a 'series', to challenge the construct of traditional fashion seasons.

Minna, through her work, is also trying to challenge the obsession society has with the female form and, more specifically, the disconnect between the socially acceptable female form and bodies we actually have. Far reaching issues, such as this one, are always going to be difficult to explore through clothing, but Minna believes that by focuses on fit and construction it has allowed her to create shapes and cuts which make the garments less size specific.

The female body is not yours to judge
— Minna Palmqvist

Pin-striped wool and raw material blends in wool and cotton are mixed with traditional shirts in light blue and white. The main focus, other than the non-size specific silhouette, is that most of the pieces feature raw hems. Raw hems are something you either like or you don't. I lean towards disliking them because I do feel it means the garments won't last as long if you continually wear and wash them. I do own raw hemmed items but they tend to be denim as denim can withstand washing, whereas thin shirt cotton I would be worried would get decimated fairly quickly. However, Queen Marie conversely loves a raw hem and has no such worries. Personally, for me, this collection would make me a happier with finished edges.

However, even with the raw hems the initially image still stands as inspiration for me and I am off to raid my wardrobe to see if I can create a look inspired by it.