the ties that bind...

So fat this season, all the shows that have inspired love in me,seem to have a thread in common.

In some cases literally a thread, a string or trailing ribbons and straps.

Creative director Natasa Cagaljover at Ports 1961 is clearly a girl after my own heart. Her collection was filled with ribbon trails and ties which she said were there in order that “that the wearer can use them to tie pieces whichever way she feels.”

The collection was influenced, she said, by remembering what Helmut Lang meant to her: “I loved it because it was down-to-earth, practical, and yet there was something very gentle and even poetic about it.”

There was no way on earth I wasn't going to love this collection and I do. I adore it...

Cut. Paste. Layer. Frame.

Encase. Slice. Slash. Fold.

Hang. Pack. Remove. Add.

Organza. Cotton. Silk. Wool.

Repeat. Re-evaluate. Real.

The collection is also full of the most wonderful details, some of which I would actually like to steal for some of my existing dresses like this big sequin patch. How wonderful is this.

The floral parka MUST be mine but in the spirit of friendship I have incuded the best teddy bear coat in the world for Queen Michelle.

Queen Marie