Inspiration Overload


I no longer really keep up with the various fashion weeks any more. I stopped going to London Fashion Week when I finally realised I just didn't fit in. I enjoyed going to the shows and seeing the collections, but all other stuff made me uncomfortable - the street photographers, the looks you get from people deciding if you are influential enough to speak to, the air kisses as they furtively look behind you to see if there is any one else more important to shmooze and the general air of slight desperation.

So for that reason, I have no interest in keeping up with fashion weeks as they happen. I usually find out about a collection I like when I find an image on Pinterest, which then initiates my research. It may be a collection that's just happened or it may be an older one, but if I like it, I write about it.


A label that continually pops us on my Pinterest is Spanish label Delpozo. It's a high end brand, with unattainable price tags for most of us, but in terms of inspiration it's positively thriving. Whenever I look, I feel the invigoration that comes with inspiration.

Creative director, Josep Font, only recently added Pre-fall and Resort to the house's offering and it's the Pre-Fall 2016 which has me in a tizzy. 


Florals! Ruffles! Colour blocking! Oh my!

Font was inspired by the work of Mexican architect Luis Barragán and Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki, and converted that inspiration into a mouthwatering palette of super-saturated hues, vivid turquoise Lurex and pillarbox-red crepes. Knitwear also makes an appearance with cable-knit sweaters adorned with looped fringe, giving it the appearance of layers of ruffles. The exquisitely textured coat in the first photo had seriously made me long to win the lottery more than ever.