bring on the bruta...


Do you remember the first art print you had properly framed for your room?

Mine was a Gaugin. I loved the bright colours, the shapes but foolishly I hung it on a wall that got direct sun and within a couple of years it was faded to a former shadow of itself. Sad. I never made that mistake again.

I remembered it clearly this week when I came across Bruta on Young British Designers.

Bruta is a London based fashion label founded by Arthur Yates. Yates has no formal fashion training but a background in the arts and takes pride in the fact that he exists on the outside of the industry. From there he has is able to observe and make comment on the "charms and absurdities of art, culture and humanity"

 This new collection of shirts by Bruta pays homage to Gaugin and his time in Tahiti. The maverick designer use patterns found on traditional primitive Tahitian loincloths & explores Gaugin's ideas of Paradise Lost. All of this results in very unique pieces for true individuals.

I haven't worn a shirt in at least two decades ( seriously) but if I did, these would be top of list for Spring...

Queen Marie