fabulous phoebe….

It might be an age thing or just a reflection of how I'm feeling right now but sometimes fashion can be tiring. All these shows, all these looks , all the endless wondering would I ever wear that, could I ever wear that. Most importantly would I want to ever wear that?

Rare is the collection where the answer to all three of these questions would be a resounding YES!

But then rare is a designer like Phoebe English

Ten years after her launch and her clothes still intrigue me. Phoebe is committed tocreating garments with an attention to precision and beauty. Laboured construction forms the centre of the design ethos, which embraces an uncompromising attention to finishing and textiles...

This latest collection was filled with uneven surfaces and glorious layers. It even featured latex and a silk ribbon weave that was meant to invoke TV static. Some people may not be smitten with the vague unfinished quality to her work but I love it.

(All images courtesy of style.com)

Is it just because it resonates of early Helmut Lang, Yamamoto or Miyake. Doubtless yes but that doesn't make it a single atom less desirable for me. If anything it just makes me love it more…

Queen Marie