Take a look at Lowie….

So many labels , so little time. Every week we learn of new ones and with the best will in the world, we can't show love for them all. But this one is pretty special. Their philosophy is even more wonderful than their clothes. Put your hands together for Lowie

This is a heritage inspired fashion label with a dedication to producing their collections as ethically as possible. Founded by designer Bronwyn Lowenthal in 2002, Lowie’s philosophy has always been to create beautifully designed clothes with minimal environmental impact and an insistence that their workers are happy and fairly paid. In an industry that often profits from exploitation, Lowie aims to be different. What I was was most taken with is that they tell customers - 

Don’t throw away – repair! As part of our sustainable ethos we offer a FREE REPAIR SERVICE on all items from our past and current collections. We want to prolong the life of your clothing, ensuring you are able to wear and enjoy it for as long as possible. 


How splendid is that. Imagine being able to wear your favourite things without the worry that they will wear out.!

Below are some pieces from their latest Mexicana collection. You know I'm a massive Frida fan so naturally I can't resist this…

Queen Marie