Lush It Up


Lush eyeliner review

Last week I nipped into Lush to get some bath bombs and I wandered over to the makeup section, just to have a nosey. I was no sooner there when I was pounced upon by the usual infectiously cheery sales assistant. Before I knew what was happening, her hand was covered in an array of lip, eyeliner and foundation hues and she was throwing words like Shea Butter at me at a furious rate of naughts. Before I knew what had even happened, I was at the counter with two bath bombs and this bright purple eyeliner, called Feeling Secure. Basically, I wasn't getting out that shop alive unless I bought makeup.

I had been curious about their eyeliners anyway, because I'd be looking for a brand that do really bright shades of liquid eyeliner, which seemed very hard to find, and Lush do an impressive range.

They have priced themselves at about the same level as MAC - this eyeliner cost £14.50 - so as a customer I'd certainly expect MAC levels of quality and staying power.

I'll be honest, I didn't have high hopes.



So how does it perform? Well the colour really doesn't disappoint. On the skin it's exactly the same shade as in the bottle. It's bright and highly pigmented and goes on very easily. You can layer it up to get even more intense colour. But the big downside is that it's not in the slightest bit waterproof and I mean at all. You get as much as a watery eye and that shit is gone. And if you have oily skin in the slightest, forget about it. I had to use my heavy duty Urban Decay Eyeshadow primer to keep it on.


If you have non-oily skin, can be sure your eyes won't water, you aren't going to cry and it's not going to rain, then I do recommend it for the colour. Whilst I probably won't buy it again because it's not waterproof, it has made me want to try other products in the range, especially the lipsticks which come in an equal array of awesome shades and depend less on your skin type and it not raining.