season of the suit...

The season of the bad Christmas jumper will soon be with us. Someone just told me that it is only six Monday's until Christmas. I of course did the dignified thing, ignored them and walked away. But there is no avoiding it, the shops are starting to fill up with the wretched things.

If you thought there couldn't be anything worse than a Christmas jumper. Sadly, you're wrong, how about a  Christmas Suit. An Oppo Suit to be exact. Made of glorious 100% polyester you can have the jacket, trousers and tie for less than £60!

You can thank Guus, Jelle and Jasper for them. What started out as an idea while traveling through Southeast Asia has grown into a very successful adventure that has already taken them halfway across the globe. In just four years they have set up a range of over 60 designs and got customers in over 50 countries!!!

Of course we couldn't finish a post about bad taste, without taking a minute to send our love and sympathy to our poor American chums. Trump. Who'd have thunk it.

Billy Butcher’s  Trump X Hillary: I Love To Hate You

Billy Butcher’s Trump X Hillary: I Love To Hate You

Queen Marie