armed with her words...

"Armed with her words"

"Armed with her words"

For some reason we don't entirely understand, Queen Michelle , Our Frances and I are united in our fascination and love of foxes.

Someone who is even more fascinated with them is the wonderful artist Tessa Asquith Lamb.

Born in Yorkshire in 1973, Tessa studied MA Fine Art (Hons) at Edinburgh College of Art and Edinburgh University, graduating in 1998.

She has exhibited at many galleries across the UK, and last year had three exhibitions in Edinburgh and the Lothians of her collaborative project Fox Gospel, which features her illustrations to writer Rafael Torrubia’s poems and stories reflecting on fox legends.

"My etchings reflect my love of stories and storytelling, and help me record significant emotional moments like diary pages. Each image I create is assembled from drawings in my sketchbooks of beautiful things founds in museums, remembered moments, carefully observed self portraits, and objects from my collection of Victoriana and childhood treasures.
Foxes usually accompany me through these images, leaping and running or walking watchfully at my side. These beautiful and wily creatures symbolise my inspiration and offer joyful encouragement.
My work is for all those people who live out stories in their imaginations."

My absolute favourite work is this one below "To the Island".  I have it as a card but I'm hankering for a proper print. Her etchings are produced in very limited numbers, normally only 10 copies.

Queen Marie

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