comfort isn't everything...

Did you know Rick Owens designed furniture?
No? Me neither.
As you can imagine it is rather rigorous.

Turns out he's been doing it since about 2007. 

Owens finds his strongest influences in nature and is drawn to unorthodox materials like bone and petrified wood. The colour palette goes from white to black and is as stark as the form of the pieces themselves.

This is monumental luxury, produced by Italian craftsmen using local materials, the collection includes chairs, a dining table, couch, daybed and an enormous screen. Everything would look more at home in a chapel or monastery than a normal house!

“I want it to be monumental. I think we have enough cosiness in our lives. Isn’t it nice every once in a while, to have a little bit of discipline and to have something that makes you sit up kind of straight? Comfort isn’t everything.”

He is also said to be inspired by the primitive, brutalism, Marcel Breuer architecture and German bunkers. Even his own bed is made from a tomblike structure of alabaster slabs that weigh an impressive two tons. 

Good luck trying to find a duvet cover for that...

Queen Marie