The Nightmares Of The Sea




Photography: Queen Michelle


The church where Prince B and I shot Monday's outfit lies along a coastal area called Nigg Bay, so after the outfit shots I couldn't resist taking a wander along to shoot the lighthouse at the breakwater. It was incredibly cold and windy and I was still wearing my outfit, minus the hat, so not ideal clothing for shooting next to the North Sea! But I just love this coastline so much, especially the fact is actually has three lighthouses. But mostly I love it because it's very textural, with the hills covered in reeds, heather and moss and rocks and pebbles which look almost volcanic in their blackness.







I grew up by the sea and can never resist it's siren call, even though I can't swim. I scrambled over rocks to try and get closer to the lighthouse, hoping to be able to climb over the wall to reach the breakwater upon which it sits, but the rocks were so slippy I was in danger of succumbing to the freezing North Sea. 

The beach here has pebbles rather than sand, which makes seem inhospitable and wild but all the more beautiful because of it.