Bronze Age...





So as we promised a couple of weeks ago, here is the marvellous bronze metallic striped dress from ASOS WHITE.

This is a whole lot of dress. It's stiff, it's heavy but I suppose it would need to be to hold the sculptural shape. At first I wasn't sure how much wear I would get out of it until Queen Michelle said "just wear it as an every day winter dress" So that's exactly what I'm going to do.

I headed down to her house on Sunday and we popped out to take some shots. As Prince B predicted and she suspected, I almost didn't go through with it. She took the shots quickly before I could take my mind, I only looked at them out of one eye while she popped them into a post.

Although I couldn't stop laughing when she said "The fact that you're so stiff works well with the dress"



ASOS White Dress
Bottega Veneta Sunglasses
Malene Birger Cowrie Shell Necklace.


I'm under no illusion that this is a proper outfit post. It's just snaps taken with a better camera. I often wonder if people have any real appreciation of the effort involved in one of Michelle's weekly outfit posts.

First she comes up the idea and outfit. This could take weeks for her to draw all the elements together. It not just the clothes, it's the shoes, the bag, the makeup, even the jewellery. Then she has to scout a location. On the day of shooting, her and Prince B are out and about early doors, then it could take up to 70 shots just to get what she needs. Then she has to edit the shots, And all of this is before she even starts on the graphic design elements that make them so unique and special.

Add to that, the fact that you couldn't take a bad shot of her if you tried, then it's no wonder that standing in front of the camera fills me with dread.
But hey ho, job done, don't look at me just look at the pretty dress.

And it is pretty. Real pretty.

Queen Marie