tie me up in knots...

As with so many things , sometimes simple is best.

Maslo Jewelry is a product line focused on creating simple, but statement pieces of jewelry. Nicole Maslowski founded the brand in 2003 after finishing her studies in Graphic Design and realizing she wanted to work with her hands to create something tangible. Each offering from the collection results from willful restraint and purposeful intent, born from an attraction to minimal style and simple, classic design. Every piece is made, by hand, in her Richmond, VA studio.
Nicole incorporates copper, brass and silver in her pieces as well as quality, vintage finds when she can. It's clear to see that her time as both a graphic designer and as a display designer for Anthropologie has helped to create her minimal outlook.

Her pieces are all super reasonable in price but even better she has included a discount code on her website for Black Friday Weekend -



Bu the standout pieces for me are these two below which for some reason make me think of bit of climbing equipment. Not of course that I would know a single thing about that. The white one in particular could have my name on it...

Queen Marie