Meet ABO


Bringing the fun back into footwear, say hello to ABO



ABO is a fantastic shoe brand based in Belgrade.

You all know how fond I am of a brogue, well ABO offer them in a positively glorious array of colors, textures, prints and details and all their 

shoes are hand-made in limited series.

The brand was founded in 2013 by sisters Iva and Ana Ljubinković, who decided the wanted to put the "fun back into footwear". With such colour combos, I think they succeeded.

Dreams with shoes in have occurred at times when you have been thinking about your direction in life. They can also indicate your character or chosen way of life through what type of shoes you dreamt of. With the right shoes we can be winners in every situation.
— Iva & Ana Ljubinković

I don't know about anyone else but I frequently dream of shoes. Nothing quite as deep as the above quote though, more a "If I can't have these shoes my life simply won't be worth living" sort of way. You know, the kind of Scarlett O'Hara-esque drama only shoes can provoke.

Brogues do have a big place in my shoe wardrobe as I feel they flatter pretty much everyone, even people with calves as pronounced as mine. These also remind me of one of my favourite pair of shoes - my glitter Croon shoes, a brand that sadly no longer exists. However, ABO might just fill the colourful gap left by Croon.