no no no...

One thing you can count on here in The Kingdom is that Michelle and I will speak our minds. We've got no problem saying that something is not for us but that doesn't stop us sharing it because it might float someone else's boat. It would be a very dull world indeed if we all loved the same things.  

After Queen Michelle's authentic rock and roll anti fashion yesterday, I have to say this story doesn't sit well with me. 

Norton Clothing, the brand drawing inspiration from heritage motorbike clothing, launched by the Pepe Jeans Group this summer, has opened its second retail outpost in Soho, London.

The store aesthetics are close aligned with those of Norton Clothing’s first own retail store in Barcelona, opened last March and reliably imitating the look of a car repair shop: Brick walls, non-slip metal floors, perforated tool holder panels as well as working tools and tires as key decorative items.

Oh dear lord! Try telling my brother a tyre is a decorative item. 

Part of the problem may be that my family all had Nortons. My Grandfather, my Uncle Jimmy, Uncle Tom and my Dad. In fact a Norton was the first bike I ever sat on. So while it's a good thing that it's profile is being raised, I'm just not feeling this store set up.

But having said all that I can happily see my brother and all his mates wearing any of the clothes. The website is much more appealing.

Queen Marie