The Secret Garden

Prince B camouflaged in the country park!

Prince B camouflaged in the country park!


Taking a walk around Glasgow's own secret garden




Glasgow has more parks per square mile than any other city in Europe. You don't need to go far here to find plenty of green space. Not all of our parks are pretty but we do have gems like Rouken Glen Country Park, located a few minutes drive from my house.

Now that Prince B and I have a wee car, we find ourselves exploring places in our local area that were too difficult to get to by bus. 

I once went to Rouken Glen as a child with the school. Coming from a poor family I was never able to go school trips abroad but ocassionally my mum & dad could scrape together enough money when the my school took us to less far flung places, like Glasgow. The day we went however it was utterly pouring of rain. The plan had been to go to the large playground for an hour then eat our packed lunches. 

But as everything in the park was being soaked by the downpour we took shelter to eat our sandwiches and look on forlornly at the things we couldn't play on. I decided I wasn't going to let the rain stop me having my one single day out so I headed for the chute, rain or not, and slid up and down that thing until my arse was soaked! I didn't care. I was playing and that was that.

The park had changed quite a bit in 35 years since I was last there of course, but wandering around the waterfall was no less thrilling as going down that chute in the rain. I wish I;d worn my wellie boots though as I could have gotten much better photos. 

If you find yourselves in Glasgow I highly recommend you visit. It's like walking into a secret garden.