take a seat and turn it up...

When it comes to our homes, as a rule the furnishings are pretty far from rock and roll, but ALTAR are all about helping you turn your interiors up to 11.

ALTAR were founded in 2013 by advertising and music biz veteran András Lacfi, and a church-organ building friend, Ernő Balogh. The bespoke luxury furniture workshop, based in Budapest, got its first taste of global fame in May, when its “DROID” coffee table conquered the internet in days.

Now they have turned their attention to amps. Vintage amps as coffee tables and stools...

The M' and 'O' pouf come in at €350 while the 'V' coffee table comes in at €958

They have also recently launched their “Arcade Resurrection” range .

Talking about it they say -

“We believe that our artifacts are places of fun, domestic worship – a celebration of dedication, personality, boldness and a bit of nostalgia.” ALTAR Furniture started almost by accident. “I collect pinball machines and the first coffee table conversion happened after a machine broke,” says Lacfi. “I figured that turning it into furniture would both save it and give me an excellent excuse to stick it in the living room. My wife Tilda wondered if other people might be as captivated as we were by these creations.”

They also do an amazing range of cassette coffee tables which I am mightily smitten with but I couldn't fit one more table in my house if I tried...

Queen Marie