On Wednesday's We Wear Pink

KoS friend, Cloud & Victory, send over some images from their latest ballet inspired collection, which draws references from cult classic Mean Girls.

Combining humour with what the experience of dancing ballet is, has resulted in a ‘Mean Girls’ take on ballet this season! Classic one-liners from the very famous movie starring Lindsey Lohan and Tina Fey have been given a ballet spin: from ‘Personally Victimised By Rond De Jambes’ and the infamous ‘On Wednesdays We Wear Pink’ quote, set against a picture of vintage ballerinas in pink romantic tutus and printed on flowy crop tops, curved-hem tanks, and comfy sweaters made of fair-trade cotton. Included in this collection are also pieces that encapsulate the beauty of ballet, from a Uliana Lopatkina-inspired Swan Lake organic cotton top to Italian tulle skirts and unique, digitally-printed leotards and leggings that ballet-lovers, regardless of their familiarity with Mean Girls, will enjoy. How fetch.

My two favourites are 'Personally Victimised By Rond de Jambes', because I feel that every time I have to do the damn things, and on 'Wednesday's We Wear Pink', because I do!