like little hugs for your feet...


It's no secret that Queen Michelle are happy to embrace our inner pensioner. And nothing could be more central to that than the perfect pair of slippers!

So when I met with our darling chum Sandra last night to exchange our belated birthday gifts a I was over the moon when she gave me a pair  of mahabis

These are basically like little hugs for your feet. I didn't even want to take them off last night to go to bed. Designed in London, the slippers are made in portugal, with an italian sole. The european mindset carries the very heart of their brand, both in terms of heritage, style and functionality.

You can choose from a light or dark grey felted wool slipper and then choose the colour of rubber sole that clips on the bottom.

Mine are dark grey and pink ( if my camera was working I would show you, I shall try to pop a shot up on instagram with my phone after this) It basically means that you can wear them inside and outside.

They even have a neoprene heel which lets you slide them on and off easily and it means they will never rub your feet. I know how old lady that sounds, but comfy feet make for a happy life...

Queen Marie

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