eat haggis...

Even though I am as Scottish as a Scottish thing I've never eaten haggis.

What I do adore though are the creations from " Eat Haggis"

Eat Haggis and Ceilidh on is a quirky range of design led products, with a strong sense of humour, that celebrates with pride all the best things about Scotland.

They are the brainchild of Allisdair J Burt, an architect by day and illustrator by night. He explains his creations saying -

I wanted to create work which captures a sense of Scotland but does so in a modern contemporary way that will also make the recipient smile. I have produced a whole assortment of products from fine art prints to aprons, tea towels and mugs. Where possible I get all the products made in Scotland from as local and ethical a source as I can find. As an architect by day I’ve got a bit of an obsession with details and so everything is made to the highest quality and standards.

So it's only natural perhaps that he would turn his attention to another quintessential Scottish figure - Taggart

If you come from Glasgow, I think it is actiually a physical impossibility to look at a picture of the late great  mark McManus as the Glasgow Police Detective and not utter the words-  "there's been a murder"

As well as this wonderful t shirt, there is a mug, apron and a card too.

Everything on the site would make great gifts for both home Scots and  extended family around the world. Especially if they are fans of Charles Rennie MackIntosh who would scream if they see another twee picture of a rose.

I haven't mentioned the "C" word yet this year but now might be the time to start buying some of these wee treasures to put away.

Queen Marie