the hills are alive...

The hills are alive with the sound of music!

Every time I think I've showed you every outrageous turntable out there, up pops another. This one comes from Switzerland and my mouth actually fell open when I was reading about this one.

Just look at this thing!

This is the Da Vinci "AAS Gabriel" MKII turntable

Swiss audiophiles DaVinciAudio Labs have created a unique reference turntable that produces incredibly accurate sound reproduction. Hefty cylinders, one for the motor, one for the turntable and one for the 12-in tonearm (you can have up to four, each tailored to a different style of music), sit on custom-turned feet, with silent magnetic bearings reducing extraneous noise to nearly nothing.

ThisFerrari red is one of a variety of colours available including Bugatti Blue or Lamborghini Orange and you can specify your tonearmin 24ct gold-plated, adding to the whopping 313lb weight of this sonic behemoth. The real 24 carat gold plated version of the platter entails a lot of work - layering a copper coating, hand-polishing, a silver coating, hand-polishing, and finally the 24-carat gold layer.  All this work is due to the nature of the alloy used for the platter. Price will depend on current gold prices but on average you won't see any change from $50,000!

Would I have on in my house if money were no object?

That's a no I'm afraid, I can't shake the feeling that it just looks like a big pressure cooker!

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