the heels have it...

Looking at that wonderful Miu Miu campaign yesterday reminded me that I have been meaning to share the wonderful work of Joanne Stoker for the longest time now.

I'm a total sucker for perspex in any form but when it comes in the heel of a shoe - be still my beating heart! Just look at that glorious block heel the colour of a ruby. Delicious

Could I walk in any of these shoes? No!

Would I wear them? No!

Do I love them? Yes. Hell yes!

Just look at these herringbone boots. How could you not be happy stepping out in these...

If you were good with heights then what could be better tottering around on these beauties, these heels even have precious stone inlays. Yum.

Even better they are all less than half price right now over at YBD

As I type this I'm looking down at my little teva clad feet and they are looking tragically dull. My shoe kung fu is very weak, I'm going to have to step this shit up come Autumn...

Queen Marie