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The Miu Miu Effect

I’m not really one for fawning over fashion campaigns. At the end of the day they are just adverts and I get enough of that working in the design and advertising industry. However, I was quite smitten by the new Miu Miu Fall 15 campaign, entitled Subjective Reality. 

Muccia Prada, as we all know, isn’t like other fashion designers out there. She continually strives to make a point of difference with both her collections and her accompanying campaigns. 

(Subjective Reality) is a rejection of overly determinative technique and academic notions of composition. The street photograph represents a more immediate, engaged, lived art...unstudied sophistication.
— Steven Meisel

The autumn campaign, shot by Steven Meisel, presents us her luxurious clothing set amidst starling everyday scenarios: a bus stop, a bench, the bustling street. The backdrop of relatable situations works effortlessly to make the clothes stand out but I also wonder if she is making a nod to the proliferation of street style photography, so favourite by us fashion bloggers? The difference being that in many instances the models (actresses, Maddison Brown, Hailey Gates, Mia Goth and Stacy Martin), face the camera head on - no wistful gazing into the distance for these women - something which I think lends a surprising amount of aggression to these otherwise exceptionally feminine clothes. 

My favourite of the campaign is the Miu Miu girl being kissed by a leather clad long haired boy - she may look slightly saccharine but she likes a bad boy. Already she has a personality that goes beyond what she is wearing.


The subtleties of the narrative allow the models to veer away from the vacant, soulless mannequins we are so used to in campaigns and fashion in general. The girls walk with a swagger that suggests they’ve been partying the night before; a well dressed girl gang.

Obviously the clothes are highly desirable anyway, but I think I want the croc embossed leather shift dress just a little bit more now…

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