Current Faves #4

A couple of people commented that they enjoyed the Current Faves Post last month, so I have put together another edition for September. Hope you like it!



I’m over the fact we didn’t get summer and now I want to press ahead to full scale autumn, where I can wear boots and big faux furs coats again. Oh and layers. My Isabel Marant boots are an autumn favourite as they are very comfortable and go with absolutely everything. If I'd had tanned legs they could have been a summer boot too, but sadly my legs are pasty white.



I LOVE these. Not just currently, but all the damn time. Baths without a colourful Lush bomb is basically a waste of time. My absolute faves are the ones with glitter through them. It makes your bath look like it belongs to a unicorn.





OK I know this is dance related but it’s worth including because I love this leotard so much. It’s not often, if at all, that I can say I feel great in a leotard because, well they are leotards, which are generally horrifying, but this one is different. I genuinely feel really good in it. I don’t think it’s any coincidence I started to nail double pirouettes when I was wearing it. It’s like a ballet Batman suit.


There is nothing I enjoy more than chilling out watching Netflix. However, I have to watch it on my iPad since we haven't got an internet television. Normally I don't mind, as I take my iPad into the bath with me and watch programmes whilst I relax in aforementioned Lush bathbombs, but it does mean Prince B and I couldn't watch films together (well we could, but it'd get a bit cramped in there!). That all changed when Prince B bought me a Roku stick. The Roku plugs into the USB port at the back of the TV and allows you watch a variety of online channels via your non-internet TV, including Netflix and Google Play. Now I can watch The Killing on a big screen! We had a bit of trouble registering on their website, which you have to do to install paid-for apps, so at the moment we only have 7 channels, but Netflix was the main reason I wanted it anyway.


This is the shit. I could leave it there but I shall expand. One of my ballet teachers highly recommended this to ease the physical aches and pains you suffer after the more physically demanding classes. You throw a bunch of it into a bath and soak. It's amazing. It has minimised the post-class pain, but on top of that it has dramatically reduced the acne on my back and it also makes me sleep like a baby. I also add some to my face wash to keep my skin clear of spots. It's one of the few things that is actually absorbed through the skin and has detoxifying benefits. Basically, I can't live without it now.

So, another issue of my Current Faves!