back to school...

It's hard to believe but that is the summer school holiday almost over! 

While I don't miss school, what I do miss is the guilt free opportunity to indulge in my slight stationery obsession. New pencils, pens and pencil cases - oh what joy.

It seems like school days and stationery have also been on the mind of Daige for their AW15 collection.

They explain the collection saying -

This collection remembers those school memories of the days when we used to doodle in books during boring classes, playing hangman, amoeba with classmates or entertaining ourselves with "connect the dot". The designer collected popular scribbles, tags for the SCHOOL print. Also the ERROR patterns imply to mistakes you make by studying, learning how to write, or when you are just crisscrossing with your pen. As a child we usually hate wearing uniform but love to play in comfortable garments. Keeping the essence by referring back to this memory is key element for this season.

While I might miss the new pencil case, I certainly don't miss the homework!

Queen Marie