New Ballet Kit

With yet another middle-age lady boob growth spurt (yup, that happens) I had to invest in some new ballet leotards as most of my others simply no longer accommodate the girls. As much as I wish the girls would shrink away to a B cup, rather than grow bigger, it did give me an excuse to get another couple of Yumikos - and that means having fun with colour!

The expense of Yumiko leotards is entirely worth it when you are adventurous with colour. If you stick with basic hues then they aren't really worth the money as they are not particularly better made than any other leotard.

Jessica in Dark Red velvet and nylon in Jazz with Chili trim

If you're quite busty like me (in dancer terms), then the Jessica model is easily one of the best. I have two and they are always brilliant. Very supportive and the full back and front hides all manner of wobbly bits. How delicious is this bright colour scheme? I love pink and red as a combination, so I decided I needed this is leotard form. And, of course, velvet because, well velvet. It looks glorious with the Danseuse Tropical mid-length skirt. This outfit is ideal if you were to learn a variation from Don Quixote. Fiery!

Denise in Charms velvet and Silver nylon with Lavender trim

I also wanted something pale and ethereal as the antithesis of the fiery Jessica. I have had this leotard before in a size medium but it was so small that my boobs were squished to ridiculous levels. Sadly, even though this is a size large it's really not much better across the bust. I'm hoping to loose a few pounds so perhaps I'll fit it better then. It's just perfect with my Danseuse Petals shorts. This colour scheme is more Romeo & Juliet.

There is nothing better than the enjoyment of new ballet gear that holds the promise of making you feel confident in the studio.