Fade To Denim

I have tried to live a denim-free existence in the past, but I always regress to black jeans. Up until recently, I rarely explored blue denim - it was black or bust. I've been adding and subtracting these ASOS White contrast jeans from my shopping cart for about a month.

Different denims in one pair of jeans has always appealed to me after buying a pair of contrasting jeans by a long defunct label called Fake London, about 18 years ago. I love those jeans. 

Taking the contrasting denim to the next level are Berlin based brand Fade Out, a unisex line of clothing and accessories made from deconstructed vintage using handicraft methods. 

Fade Out was founded by Nicola Gomiero and Andrea Bonfini who, while selling vintage clothing, were inspired to develop a clothing line.

The patina of used denim fabrics recombined in a fresh and different way creates new unrepeatable alchemies.

The brand celebrates responsible recycling of materials and innovative designs. All items are handmade in the FADE OUT studio in Berlin. 

I'm very tempted by the patchwork baggy jeans. I think Prince B would approve as these are very 80's soul boy.