Black Moon Rising


The Lady In Red

I'm still obsessing over red. It refused to to go away until I'm properly sated. Queen Marie sent me over links to some red velvet goodness the other day and after getting some unexpected good news about some freelance work, I ended up treating myself to one of her picks. 

As my red wishlish goes by the day, to encompass not just velvet, I find myself seeking out things to add to the imaginary shopping list.

I follow a brand called Sisters of the Black Moon on Instagram and the recently posted a photo of a breathtaking full length, red double layered silk dress. Wowzers! Not exactly a dress for the wet streets of Glasgow, but stunning none the length. I can just imagine wafting about my daily business in that bad boy. A girl can dream, right?


Sisters of the Black Moon launched in February 2010 and is created by Sara Larocca-Ramm, Alecia Marcum, and Rachel Hunt, who explain that they had;

a collective dream of opening a shop that would reflect their personal style and visions.

The line is normally entirely black except for this blood hued gem, which stands out a mile against the more commonplace black.