transformed illusion...

We don't feature much menswear here on The Kingdom.

When we do, it tends to be a little strange which is why it has caught our eye in the first place.

Looking through the Spring Summer 16 lookbook of Hong Kong label Modement, it occurred to me that the only boy I can picture actually wearing this was my friend Jack Mottram who used to live in Glasgow. Jack aka mot was tall, super slim, pale and with red hair. He also had the best taste in knitwear of any boy I ever knew ( sorry Telf) but that's another story.

Their SS16 collection has been inspired by Cantonese opera, where the costumes reflect a scene, a picture or a story. Clouds, trees, dragons, flowers are all transformed into abstract and illusion

Taking those traditional elements they have reinterpreted them in a modern way putting those
elements into pleats, beading and digital print to reshape this fading culture.Clothing like architecture, shaping an image on the human body...



Much as I am smitten with some of these pieces, I have to be honest and say those transparent Oxford shoes make me feel more than a little squeamy

Queen Marie