Squircles and Circles

The circle is ruling my life at the moment. As I type I am taking a break from the weirdly complex world of app icon design, where I am now overly familiar with the term 'squircle', which developers and designers are using to describe the rounded-off square of IOS apps icons. It's all good though as I do love getting right down to single pixel depth.

Perhaps this current work related obsession with circles and squircles that lead to me to discover an Etsy seller called Xandra Jane, who's small shop contains pieces which all have the circle as a foundation to each design.

The pieces in the shop may be few, but they are stunning. The juxtaposition between the circles and the geometic patterns contained within made my heart beat that little bit faster.

My fave item is the  black top with the grid pattern (second image). Oh my, I could wear that with everything!


My only complaint is that the designer gives us absolutely zero information about herself in her Etsy profile. If I was asking customers to part with £500 I would most definitely make the effort to tell them who I am, where I've worked and my qualifications. For that reason I can't tell you anything about the lady behind the circles.