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Watching the Mercury Music Prize last night I was willing fellow Glaswegian C Duncan to win.

As I sat watching, my mind went to Queen Michelle and the last place she worked where they were not allowed to listen to music. It's a miracle she lasted as long there as she did. I simply could not sit in a room all day, every day if I didn't have music on. For the last few months in the studio I have played Architect on repeat.

This is a remarkable record made by a remarkable young guy. Listening to it you would never dream that it was recorded for £50 in his bedroom!

Raised the the son of classical musicians, raised on piano and viola before guitar, bass, and drums, his musical upbringing was rich and diverse creating in him a fascination of the classical with a characteristically modern approach.

C Duncan constructs his sound through a painstaking process. In a Glaswegian bedroom studio, each instrument was recorded individually, layers built upon to create the soaring tapestries on record. Meticulous though it's creation may have been, Architect has the graceful ease quite unlike any other. 

I am a big sucker for ethereal pop and if you are too, buy Architect now, you won't be disappointed.

Queen Marie

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