basket whiplash...

You know what they say about whipash - where there's blame, there's a claim.

But there is no claim when it comes to 'basket whiplash' because that sucker is entirely self inflicted.

It's what I call the pattern of behaviour where you whip things in and out of your shopping basket so fast, you almost hurt yourself.

Say for example, you find the most perfect sneakers in the world, you see there are only three pairs left. Click they are in the basket.

Hell I can't spend that on a pair of sneakers. Click they are back out.

But I love them and I'll regret it if I don't buy them. Click they are back in.

Get a grip of yourself. Christmas is coming. Click they're out again.

I have been doing this at least three times a week for the last three months over these wonderful   Jerome Dreyfuss Bambi trainers ...

But as much as I love them, I can't quite shake the feeling that those velcro straps are going to make me feel just a little too much pensioner like . You know what I mean. Like these things below. I can't shake the slight whiff of orthapedic comfort.

What's a Queen to do?

Seriously tell me...

Queen Marie