nylon and nature...

When I think of nylon filament, I must confess that the first thing that pops into my mind is fishing line.

I certainly don't imagine nature and complex botanical structures. But then I don't have the imagination or the boundless patience of Nora Folk who uses it to create incredible pieces of jewellery out of nylon filaments, using only her hands and basic tools. Just like Mother Nature herself these complicated pieces often take weeks to bloom...

The artist has established herself as a pioneering maker, crafting her delicate, intricate forms from nylon microfilament. Nora makes her work by hand using techniques she has taught herself: knitting, knotting, tying, weaving, plaiting.
Born in Hong Kong, Nora had to leave school at 12 to work in a factory assembling toys and computer components. Nora says the experience gave her the structure and discipline which still underpins her work.

Queen Marie

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