Ear Drama

When it comes to jewellery, the only thing I wear religiously is earrings. I can't leave the house without some sort of ear drama. Now that i spend so much of my time with my hair scraped back into a bun, my earrings are the one thing that adds interest to my otherwise bland head. I've gone from wearing neat little studs to Pat Butcher worthy jewelled danglers, the sparklier the better! Before the Great Redundancy Scandal of 2015 I was gathering up quite the impressive collection of earrings. Now, I have to stick to cheap and cheerful from the places like ASOS.

When I came across the wonderful work of Nikki Couppee on Etsy my little eyes lit up. The US designer specialises in creating incredibly unique pieces using plexiglass, acrylic resin, brass and steel as well as found materials. She doesn't just create earrings of course, her necklaces are equally fantastical. For the earrings the prices range from £80 right up to over £200. Sadly too rich for my blood at the moment, but should a full time job come my way I may treat myself to a little pair of these beauties.

I love that each pair of earrings is not an exact matching pair, everything is irregular which adds a special charm to her work.

My ears would love to be adorned in any of these really.

Nikkicouppee_1 Nikkicouppee_2Silvercrystalnecklace_10

If this lot doesn't make you smile, I don't know what will!