Lloyd loves...

Some humor is universal but sometimes there is nothing more wonderful than colloquial humor.

Case in point the genius cards and prints from Lloyd Loves.

I actually fell about laughing when I first came across these two prints below. I also had another chuckle at the weekend when Queen Michelle said it to Prince B and I as we got ready to head out to our photoshoot/ballet picnic. Even funnier because Michelle has never seen Star Wars. Never. How is that even possible!!!!

Awrite troops (print £10.00)

(Translation - Hello my dear friends, how lovely to see you, are you well today?)


Ah'm yer da (Print £10.00)

(Surely this one doesn't need translation - Luke I am your Father)


The maker of these is the lovely  and talented Corrin Strain, not a boy called Lloyd.

In fact Lloyd doesn't exist ( just like my tall, long haired imaginary boyfriend).

Photo on 2014-09-30 at 14.57

The name was  born from the chorus of a catchy song & a little bit of alliteration.

Corrin is the Glasgow based maker & designer behind the name. Modestly she claims that she "just wants to make things to add a little bit of hand made character & style to other people's homes."

Even more importantly I think her work would bring laughter and smiles to any home...


Vintage Plate £9.00



I love this print inspired by Skinny Love , the Bon Iver song. So it's only fitting that I finish with that today...

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssdgFoHLwnk] 

Queen Marie