Man Wears Bag

Prince B starts this week's outfit shenanigans by showing you all the stunningly crafted Rhodesian of Edinburgh messenger bag. 

Rhodesian_0 Rhodesian_3Rhodesian_2 Rhodesian_1Rhodesian_4

Many men fear bags. Prior to Rhodesian coming along, Prince B used to carry a battered old record bag which he used when he was a DJ. As a snappy  dresser, the scabby old bag always let his outfits down but then along came Rhodesian, who sent him a Calvin in black, and he hasn't looked back since. The Calvin has been with him ever single day since he got it well over a year ago. And let me tell you, other men get bag envy. There is one chap we see on the bus who has a standard satchel and whenever he spots Prince B and his Rhodesian fatchel, you can tell he feels like his wee satchel just isn't cutting the mustard. Well, wait until he gets a load of this huge messenger bag. 

Well, men, don't fear this bag because this bag is awesome. Incredibly roomy and made of lovely soft leather, it's big enough to carry all your man crap. Prince B carries all manner of I.T. equipment around with him as well as a huge book and other man things and this bag deals with it easily.

So, men, ditch those ugly rucksacks many of you seem so fond of. Investigate a Rhodesian of Edinburgh messenger bag. It's not as scary as you think.