the wind and the waves...

By the time you read this today, I will already be on the road, heading for the wind and the waves of the East Neuk of Fife.

Nothing lifts the spirits and puts a spring in your step like blue skies, cold winds and crashing waves.



Cellardyke is where Oor Frances head every year, for a weekend to decompress and kick start our year. All of our chilhood family holidays were spent here and it is one of our most favourite places in the world!

It is also home to the charming design studio Tom Pigeon!


Designers Pete and Kirsty Thomas run the Lovely Pigeon studio from an old net loft here. The Pigeon studio creates handcrafted jewellery, stationery and print inspired by the geometry and colour of harbours, sails and boats (and the occasional Pigeon!). All of their products are British made and designed to make you smile.

They created Tom Pigeon to make the kind of things they would like to own and live with. When they’re not in the studio they’re happiest spending time with their kids, taking long walks on the beach, cooking spicy food and roaming far flung flea markets.

Reflex Notebook Set £16               Totem White Neclace £60



It goes without saying that I want to buy every single one of their notebooks and every necklace.

Of course I can't do that but I want to, I really really want to...


 I'm also totally smitten with these formica and copper pins. We used to have a formica kitchen table and I loved it.



Queen Marie