Aaaaand Go.....

Back in the old days, our readers used to really get involved with the blog and through comment space we got to meet lots of amazing new people. It's introduced to us to so many talented , interesting individuals who make things, say things and do things.

It's through this interaction that we met Dust. She was very involved in the blog, and still is, and we found out she is an incredibly talented fashion designer. Over the years Dust and KOS have become friends and out of that friendship amazing things have happened. For me, one such amazing thing is Danseuse.

Through our constant dialogue on and off the blog, we came to realise that we have much in common and starting a label together seemed like the most natural thing in the world. There is just some people you are meant to meet and for me that's Queen Marie, Prince B and Dust.

The blog brought together two people who simply love to create and together we now have Danseuse Balletwear. This is why blogging is awesome when everyone gets involved. Who knows the people we could meet that could end up affecting our lives and future in such amazing ways.

Oh yes, that means the shop is now live!

DanseusescreenI am so thrilled with it. It's perfectly me and it is perfectly Dust. It's all made by Dust herself so everything is very special.

I'll be adding some photos of myself in the pieces in the next few weeks and also another product, which I'm pretty excited about.

We really hope you love it as much as we do.

EDIT: I should say that Dust will try her best to amend patterns for anyone with problem sizing, such as bigger boobs or really small waist but large hips. Just drop us an email and we will do our best to accommodate your sizing! We'll be going into a little more detail on the Danseuse blog very soon!