The Space In Your Head

I am always a bit lost when I don't have something to look for or obsess over. Queen Marie and I say that this is having something to occupy the 'space in your head'. The space in your head is specifically for frivolous and fun obsessions. It can be one thing that occupies the space, or several. It's the thing you daydream about when your thoughts drift to nowhere in particular; a holiday, a pair of shoes, a new haircut. Anything really.

My head space hasn't really been occupied much lately so I was very happy when I came across the images of the Sonia by Sonia Rykiel Prefall 2015 collection because now the space is occupied with finding pieces to recreate this look.

I adore everything about this outfit. The peach quilted jacket, the garbadine khakis, the frilled shirt. It's perfect from top to toe.


The quilted jacket in particular is the special piece for me.

This collection won't be available for a while yet and I'll have moved onto something else long before then, hence the reason I am going to try and recreate the look myself now. Perhaps if I can find some peach quilted material I could enlist the help of Dust to create me a bomber jacket version.

The rest of the collection has Sonia's signature French insouciance: part rock 'n' roll, part care-free aristocrat. It's a youthful collection but entirely wearable for a person of my vintage too.

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What's currently occupying the space in your head, dear readers?