jam and preserve...

Hello and Happy New Year to you x

Let's hope 2015 is filled with health, wealth,happiness and adventures new.

Over the holidays, it occurred to me that I must be one of the few people in the world who doesn't have a house filled with candles.

Truth to tell, much as I like the way they look, I don't trust myself to remember to extinguish them when I go out.

My Mother on the other hand is obsessed with them. Her house is filled with them, all shapes and sizes, so it takes a very very special candle indeed to render her speechless...


Say hello to the Apricot Preserve candle from Urban Apothecary.


I have NEVER smelled a candle so delicious in my whole life. You can literally almost taste apricots in the air when it is burning. It has been burning on and off since Christmas Day!

Even more glorious is the crystal glass jar it comes in...


This little treasure is part of the ‘Jam & Preserve’ and ‘Bees Knees’ collections which are inspired by British tea-time traditions. Hand-made in the UK with natural soy wax, 100% cotton wicks and the highest quality fragrance oils. This ensures that they not only fill the room they’re placed in with luxurious and long-lasting scent, but that they will burn for approximately 30 hours...


 Then once your candle is finished,  you can use the  jar for whatever takes your fancy. 

Yummy just yummy.

 Queen Marie