It's all in the jeans...

Or should that be genes!

While visiting Queen Michelle a couple of weeks ago, we discussed the curious fact that it is your genes that partly determine how you look in your jeans!

Short legs or long legs, thin legs or thick legs, shapely or straight , whatever your legs look like, although your lifestyle and diet can affect them, nothing will be more impactful than genetics.

My niece Princess Laura is already taller than me and with the longest legs, Luckily for her she is blessed with legs like her Mother, endless and slim, being spared the tree trunks that we have on our side of the family. But it does mean that finding jeans that flatter and fit is far from easy!

So I was intrigued when an email popped into The Kingdom from the lovely Sebastien at Jeanuine - an amazing site where you can deisgn every last detail of  jeans that are totally bespoke. I mean every tiny detail from the colour of the denim to the stitching,the rivets, the shape of the pocket. The whole process is simplicity iteself and in the space of about 10 minutes you have designed your own dream jeans...



When they arrived they were perfect in every detail. Super soft denim, with every single thing exactly as we had designed them on the site...





To show how comfortartable they were, I got her to clamber around ...


Laura 2

Laura 1

 You can see the production process below...


Thank you Sebastien and everyone at Jeanuine, for making a long legged Princess very happy.

Queen Marie